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Meet Our Tutors

Bridget Walsh

Bridget is a junior at Oregon State University and is studying Communications and Entrepreneurial fields. In her free time, she enjoys outdoor activities like hiking and visiting new places. She also loves to paint and does commission work as well as many other arts and crafts! English and grammar are topics that she thoroughly enjoys and is known by her peers as their essay proofreader.


Trent Greenman

Trent is a senior at Saint Mary's College of California and is studying Math and Economics. In his spare time he enjoys playing volleyball with  friends, mastering the piano and listening to classic rock. He has been been tutoring college level math, physics and computer science for over three years and is always willing to go the extra mile to help students succeed.


Sabrina Avila

Sabrina discovered her passion for tutoring five years ago when she began volunteering to help elementary school children in Los Angeles. Since then she has gained experience tutoring high school students in Spanish, French, math and chemistry. She enjoys spending her free time gardening, traveling and staying active. Sabrina is known for being able to work with children of all ages.


Erin Walsh

Erin is a senior at Saint Mary's College of California and is studying Neuropsychology and Biology. Outside of tutoring she enjoys playing rugby, going on hikes and fostering baby kittens. She has been tutoring math and biology for over three years and always ensures that students develop an understanding of important concepts.


Fernando Gil

Fernando is a junior at Cal Poly SLO studying Biomedical Engineering. He loves science, music, coffee, surfing and hiking and has experience tutoring Spanish, Japanese, calculus, science and statistics. Fernando spent a year studying abroad in Japan and is passionate about helping other people reach their academic potential.


Nick Hilton

Nick is a senior at Saint Mary's College of California and is studying Marketing and Digital Media. He loves kayaking, riding his bike and traveling to new places. He runs everything behind the scenes to make sure that every tutoring session goes as smoothly as possible and students are able to receive the help they need.

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